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We are a photo studio in Salzburg in Austria. We are the specialists in food, food, beverage and wine photography. We love it and we take care of it in every detail! To do all this we are a team of talents: photographers, food stylists and set designers. We are an agile photographic studio, we work remotely or away! We work as a team to bring your corporate communication to the best level ever, we create emotional and technical shootings for your advertising, adv, social, packaging, catalogs, ecommerce or editorial campaigns.

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Studio fotografico

Food Photo studio in Salzburg, We have a warehouse of props, props, backdrops and great ideas to create any kind of atmosphere and scenography for your food or beverage products. We are fresh minds who love cooking and food preparation, for this reason, in addition to being talented photographers we are also skilled chefs! We still study and experiment, searching for new ways to do what we do every day!

Advertising photographic services We are digitally connected and we create photographic services for food and products, wine, beverage and still life, on location or even remotely with great advantages, including being involved during all phases of the photo shoot.
As a photographic studio in Salzburg (whole Austria) we have created advertising and social communication services for large companies like yours, find out what we are made of, download the pdf version of our portfolio with the references of the photographic studio that you can keep and consult when You will need.

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Some photos in studio, remote and location: still life, food, social, adv, wine & beverage


Food Photography studio for adv, packaging, folder, social for food, still life, wine and beverage photos a Udine, Trieste, Treviso, Venezia, Pordenone, Verona, Bologna, Modena, Milano, Torino, Cesena, Roma, Wien, Ljubljana, Salzburg